What's New?
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The Museum will be CLOSED for spruce-up
August 30 through September 7
Fall hours start on Tuesday, September 8
Open: Tuesday-Friday, 9am-5pm/ Saturday & Sunday, noon-5pm
Exploring Music returns Wednesday, September 9
Participate in a variety of creative musical activities with Kerry, including singing, rhythm-making, dramatic interpretation, listening and learning about many different forms and styles of music and lots of movement! 

Something New in the Wild Place
In the month of June the Wild Place is growing! Come and see all the new natural additions to our Nature Explore Outdoor Classroom. Interested in connecting your child to the nature, visitors will find daily opportunities in the outdoor classroom to grow their child’s nature brain. Check out our space every week, for new and interesting changes and pay close attention to our summer calendar for the myriad of special events being offered in the Wild Place!
Exciting changes to the summer calendar
The Children’s Museum of Easton continues its pursuits of excellence in early childhood education and is adding even more fabulous days of adventure, learning and exploring this summer! With a multi-facet mission focused on creating meaningful experiences for children and their families, the summer calendar is jam-packed with outdoor and indoor experiences as we meet fairy tale characters, explore the wonders of nature, express our creativity, learn new skills and meet some interesting animals!
Stay tuned for details

Something New inside the Museum
In July, visit our new MakerSpace, where you can make and create using all sorts of loose parts! Build upon your child’s innate sense of wonder and join us this year as we focus on even more creative ways to play outside and inside. With the addition of new engagement specialists, visitors can count on even more ways to enjoy our exhibits!