Super Hero Week:
April Vacation Week 2014
      April 21 - April 25


BAM! POW! Visit the Children’s Museum in Easton during April Vacation and bring your inner Super Hero. During this power packed week, kids are encouraged to come dressed as their favorite super hero. 

• Test your powers of strength and agility by completing the Super Hero obstacle course.
• Create your own Super Hero logo.

• Make an action figure that climbs like Spiderman.

• Discover how Batman glides through the air.
Different activities will take place throughout the week inspired by your favorite Super Heroes. All activities are free with admission price.
*the lunch room is closed during vacation week.  Picnic tables are available in the Wild Place.
Monday, April 21st (10am-4pm)
Make a cape and explore the science of flight. Dress in your best superhero attire for fun with arts and crafts to kick off Super Hero week at the Museum!
10am-2pm - Can you leap tall buildings in a single bound? Test you skills on the Super Hero Obstacle Course
NOON - Birds of Prey -
They have super vision, incredible strength and of course the ability to fly!  Learn all about what makes these birds Super Heroes of the animal world. Presented by New England Reptile and Raptor.
Tuesday, April 22nd (10am-4pm)
Are your Spidey senses tingling? Then come and join us at the Children's Museum in Easton for a day dedicated to the one and only Spiderman! Create some Web art and a make an action figure that can climb walls.
10am-noon - Fun with Paint: create some cool Super Hero inspired art during this special program.
   Wednesday, April 23rd (10am-4pm)
   Make some super hero wrist cuffs and a mask to hide your secret    identity and design a Super Hero signal.
   10am - Meet amazing animals presented by Animal World    Experience that can climb like Spiderman, survive below zero    temperatures, use their tongues as fishing lures and much more    during Amazing Adaptations.

   Thursday, April 24th (10am-4pm)
   Make a cape and explore the science of flight.
10am-4pm- Join us at the Museum and meet a real life super hero duo. MA Vest-a-dog will be joined by Officer O'Connell and his K9 partner Diesel (at 11am) to talk about their real-life super hero duties as a crime-fighting pair. 
Friday, April 25th (10am-4pm)
Design a shield, create a mask and test your super skills.
Meet the Danger Rangers at the Museum and stop by the Roche Bros Kids Club table for some super giveaways from 10am-1pm!